Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 180


EOC presents work plan to Legislative Council Panel on Constitutional Affairs

On 14 February 2018, EOC Chairperson Professor Alfred CHAN Cheung-ming, along with senior staff members of the Commission, presented the EOC’s work progress and major upcoming initiatives to the Legislative Council Panel on Constitutional Affairs.

In his presentation, Professor Chan highlighted the progress achieved by the EOC on various fronts, since the last briefing was made to the Panel in April 2017. The major steps made included: the Government agreeing to take forward nine out of the 73 recommendations by the EOC under the Discrimination Law Review; policy measures introduced by the Government and public bodies in enhancing the education and employment prospects of ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities; and concerted efforts by different sectors to combat prevalent discrimination, such as sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination.

Professor Chan also explained the process review undertaken by the EOC, which aims to examine the complaint handling and legal assistance functions of the Commission, and consider possible enhancement measures. Simultaneously, the EOC is taking the opportunity to review the management structure and governance of the organisation, two years after implementation of its restructuring in 2015. The two reviews are overseen and steered by a review panel under the EOC Board, with the support of a Chief Project Manager recruited through open and fair procedures. Upon completion of these reviews around mid-2018, the EOC will seek the endorsement of the Board on the findings and recommendations. Professor Chan emphasised that the EOC is committed to working closely with key stakeholders across different sectors, including the Government and NGOs, to seek for greater enhancement to its work in response to the needs of service users and the community.