Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 199


EOC lauded at Directors Of the Year Awards 2018

The EOC recently garnered two accolades at the Directors Of The Year Awards 2018. In addition to winning the titular award in the category “Statutory/No-profit-distributing Organisations”, the EOC received special recognition for its Excellence in Board Diversity.

Hosted annually by the Hong Kong Institute of Directors, the awards seek to honour outstanding boards and directors while promoting good corporate governance and professionalism. Nominees are vetted according to board composition, effectiveness in delivering corporate functions, development and implementation of strategic plans, accountability and business ethics, among other factors.

“We are heartened to receive such a prestigious award, which serves as an acknowledgement of the diversity, expertise and professionalism of the EOC Board. Indeed, as a bastion of equality, we strive to practise what we preach with integrity, accountability and transparency,” said Prof Alfred CHAN Cheung-ming, Chairperson of the EOC. “With the staunch support of the Board, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of our complaint-handling services and governance structure, relocated our office to tackle rising rental costs, rolled out new public education initiatives, and embarked on timely studies to meet the evolving expectations of the local community. We will continue to work closely with the Government, NGOs, businesses and other stakeholders to further strengthen our capacity as an enforcer of anti-discrimination laws and an influencer on public policy.”