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E-news Issue 217


Issue 217 | 10/09/2019

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Looking to get updates from the EOC on the go? Install our app now and you will get a chance to win a 7.9-inch, 64GB iPad mini (Wi-Fi + Cellular)! Also on the prize list...

Comic strips lighten up Admiralty MTR station with messages of inclusion

A superhero saving an ethnic minority student from the bullies in her class. A mother with visual impairment crossing the street with her son. Two young women ordering from the “couples menu” at a restaurant...

EOC supports networking event for ethnic minorities

Many in Hong Kong take pride in the city’s competitive spirit. When driven to the extreme, however, it risks stigamising those who fall behind as losers and slackers...

Join Barrier Busters to promote inclusion for persons with disabilities

Have you ever wondered how hard it is to communicate without speaking or navigate around the city without using your legs? The obstacles persons with disabilities (PWDs) have to overcome...