Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 239


Issue 239 | 10/08/2020

New videos demystify EOC’s work and complaint-handling procedure

How many anti-discrimination ordinances are there currently in Hong Kong? What characteristics are protected by the law, and what kinds of acts are prohibited? How does the EOC contribute to...

Sign up for virtual panel on workplace equality in the age of COVID-19

re women at work being affected disproportionately by COVID-19? How can racial diversity initiatives continue to succeed amid the pandemic? Join our...

Update your knowledge of Hong Kong’s anti-discrimination laws

Following the gazettal of the Discrimination Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 2020 this June, the EOC has published a leaflet on its website explaining each of the eight major...

Looking after your mental health during COVID-19

Pay cuts, layoffs, policy U-turns, social life shutdowns... not only has the raging COVID-19 outbreak made us more alert than ever with our personal hygiene, but it has also...