Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 245


Issue 245 | 11/11/2020

EOC launches city’s first-ever Equal Opportunity Employer Recognition Scheme

To celebrate its 25th anniversary next year, the EOC launched the Equal Opportunity Employer Recognition Scheme last Wednesday (4 November 2020). Open for application until 31 January 2021...

Sign up for webinar on workplace sexual harassment and recent law reforms

Recent reforms to the Sex Discrimination Ordinance have strengthened legal protection from sexual harassment in workplaces, covering interns, volunteers...

EOC to host online workshop on latest changes to anti-discrimination laws for NGOs serving ethnic minorities

Do you know what racial discrimination by “association” means? What about racial harassment by “imputation”? The latest changes to the Race Discrimination Ordinance...

Government warns employers against dismissing foreign domestic workers with COVID-19

The Labour Department issued a press release on 3 November 2020, reminding employers that they should not dismiss foreign domestic workers (FDWs)...