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E-news Issue 265


Issue 265 | 13/09/2021

Supporting inclusion beyond the Paralympics

Supporting inclusion beyond the Paralympics

Mr Ricky CHU Man-kin, EOC Chairperson recently published an article in Ming Pao Daily, congratulating the inspirational efforts of the Hong Kong team at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Competing in eight sports, the 24-strong delegation clinched two silver and three bronze medals.

A collage of photos of interviewees featured in the first episode, including Innocent Mutanga, Mariam Bibi, Yessy Kapitan and Shiela Cancino

EOC releases videos to advocate racial equality in service provision

Whether it is ordering food, trying on a coat, or opening a bank account, the things some people do with ease and stress-free as customers can be a struggle for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong – not because they have a longer list of demands, but because of prejudice and bias on the part of service providers.
Illustrated image of people with disabilities, people with family status, and people of different races

Enrol in EOC’s training programme this fall

The EOC is now accepting applications for its 2021 fall training programme. Running from mid-October until mid-December, it consists of three free-of-charge courses and six paid courses. They serve to equip employers with knowledge of their potential liability for unlawful acts under Hong Kong’s anti-discrimination ordinances, including those done by their employees in the course of employment. HR practitioners will also benefit as the programme is designed to build their capacity for embedding diversity and inclusion into organisational policies and practices.
EOC makes submission to Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS

EOC makes submission to Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS

Last month, the EOC made a submission to the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS, having attended its consultation meetings with community stakeholders in July regarding strategies for HIV prevention and care. The EOC’s concerns revolve around three issues: (i) sexuality education in schools; (ii) support for non-ethnic Chinese communities; and (iii) stigma around LGBT identities.