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Press Releases

EOC Responds to Media Enquiries


In response to an enquiry from an international media agency concerning a scene in a local TV drama series production, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) provided a response to the agency.  However, the EOC found that its report contained inaccurate information by omitting some key points of our reply. The EOC released the following statement today (28 October 2022) to clarify the matter:  

  1. The words “Hong Kong Government’s EOC” is mentioned in the media agency’s report. In fact, the EOC is a statutory body established under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance and independent of the Government.
  2. Our full reply given to the media agency is attached below in order to let media organisations and their readers have a clear understanding of our stance on the matter. 
  • The EOC is of the view that, in the field of performance arts such as singing, dancing, drama, movies etc, an act of mimic, imitation or disguise cannot, and should not, be automatically equated with sarcasm, ridicule, or discrimination.  One needs to assess the production or the artwork in its totality in order to reach a sensible judgment.
  • Having said that, producers and artists ought to take heed of sensitive social issues so as not to be seen as irresponsible.
  • If members of the public believe that they are being discriminated against because of their disability, sex, marital status, pregnancy, breastfeeding, family status or race, they may contact the EOC for enquiry and assistance.  


Equal Opportunities Commission
28 October 2022