Equal Opportunities Commission


Equal Opportunities Month

"Together For an Equal and Inclusive Hong Kong": Celebration for 25th Anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR

Promote equal opportunities, encourage community members to embrace the values of diversity and inclusion, and join hands to build an equal, caring society.

(I) Equal Opportunities Month

1.Release of video "Walking in Solidarity: A day at the EOC" on YouTube and the EOC website, which features sharings by EOC staff members on the work of the Equal Opportunities Commission.


(June 2022)


2.“Equality and Respect: Stop Sexual Harassment” Sticker Design Competition 2022 Award Ceremony


(June 2022)


3.“Supporting Migrant Domestic Workers: For Business and Social Good” Seminar cum social media campaign


(June 2022)


4.Release of a series of short animated videos titled "Understanding the Disability Discrimination Ordinance" produced in collaboration with RTHK1 and social enterprise Let's Talk About ADHD to explain the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Ordinance. 

(June 2022)


5.Release of short video "I Am a Carer": 25th anniversary video on Family Status Discrimination Ordinance

      Research related to Family Status Discrimination Ordinance: A Study on Family Status Discrimination in the Workplace in Hong Kong

(July 2022)


6.MTR poster advertisements on protections against breastfeeding discrimination and harassment, and against sexual, disability and racial harassment for participants in common workplaces

      Press Release


(July - August 2022)


7.“Racially Friendly Services for All”: MTR and bus body poster advertisement

      Press Release



(September 2022)

(II) "I Believe": Theme song of "Under the Same Sky" short movies (June 2022)


(III) “Under the Same Sky”: Short movies on equal opportunities (Will be launched in March 2023)

           Press Conference – Press Release, Photo


(IV) Equal Opportunity Youth Ambassadors Scheme (October 2022 - May 2023)

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