Equal Opportunities Commission


Community Participation Funding Programme 2022-2023

Community Participation Funding Programme on Equal Opportunities 2022-2023


The programme aims at encouraging eligible organisations to carry out projects which promote public understanding of equal opportunities. It is hoped that the funded projects would foster anti-discriminatory attitudes and encourage members of the public to put aside their prejudices, and support and apply the principles of equal opportunities in everyday life.


In 2022-23, eligible organisations are invited to submit applications under the following categories:

  1. Themed on equal opportunities, the projects can focus on one/or some of the priority work areas of the EOC strategic plan. The funding limit per project is HK$50,000.
  2. Large-scale projects that focus on any one of the specific themes/issues* under the anti-discrimination ordinances set for the year. The funding limit per project is HK$150,000.

      *For 2022-23, the specific themes/issues are:

  1.   Universal design
  2.   Protection for breastfeeding discrimination and harassment
  3.   Prevention of sexual/disability/racial harassment
  4.   Family status

Please read the “Guidelines for Applications” and “Guidelines for the Use of Funding” before completing the application form .