Equal Opportunities Commission


IDERD Panel Discussion Series 2022 (25 February, 23 March & 13 April 2022)

The EOC organized a three-part series of online panel discussions where guest speakers addressed topics related to cultural and religious inclusion, race and gender+ intersectionalities and DEI communication strategies. They were held on 25 February, 23 March and 13 April 2022.



1st Panel Discussion on "Cultural and Religious Inclusion at the Workplace"


Guest speakers shared their lived experiences and invaluable insights on fostering cultural and religious inclusion at the workplace. Here are their tips on what employers and individuals can do:







2nd Panel Discussion on "Race and Gender + Intersectionalities at the Workplace"


According to the speakers, the following can serve as a starting point for employers interested in incorporating an intersectional approach to D&I in their workplace:




Here are some more ideas:

  1. Check your privilege and reflect on how this may impact your behaviours and experiences
  2. Develop language awareness and correct your use of potentially offensive terms, as well as call out those who use them
  3. Bring different networks together to roll out events and provide a platform for sharing
  4. Provide accommodations such as prayer rooms, breastfeeding room, flexible working hours
  5. Set a clear career path for all employees


3rd Panel Discussion on "Communication Strategies for Achieving Racial DEI"


As per our speakers, here are some key takeaways to implement inclusive communication strategies:





Here are some more ideas:

  1. Take into account the needs of staff of all races in communication, policies, and activities; employers can involve them in the consultation process or conduct a survey
  2. Have open and safe communication channels for staff to express their views to top management such as having town halls or communication software
  3. Create instances for staff to interact with each other and celebrate diversity through staff gatherings, celebrations and a buddy system
  4. Ensure workplace interactions and meetings are inclusive through practices such as use of common language, facilitating sharing of opinions by everyone, being aware of and preventing microaggressions
  5. Create visual communication that challenges ingrained biases and celebrates diversity