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E-news Issue 184


Issue 184 | 25/04/2018

EOC Chairperson weighs in on forced-kiss incident at Rugby Sevens

The Hong Kong Sevens made headlines earlier this month – not in the sports column, but rather in the local news section – after two excited rugby fans kissed a TV reporter during a live broadcast at the finals, apparently without her consent. A cacophony of views soon erupted: it was sexual harassment; it wasn’t; these things happen at sports events, so just let it be and laugh it off. Pundits quickly pitched in and, unsurprisngly, dished out the cultural relativity argument: such behaviour is widely accepted in Western cultures; any shock or disgust on our part only goes to reveal our insular outlook.

Have your say in Government’s new Rehabilitation Programme Plan

The Labour and Welfare Bureau is inviting views from members of the public until 4 May 2018 regarding the scope of its new Hong Kong Rehabilitation Programme Plan (RPP).

Employees Retraining Board issues new course prospectus for ethnic minorities

The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) has published its new course prospectus for ethnic minorities for the period April – September 2018. Divided into four categories, namely, Placement-tied Courses, "Skills Upgrading Scheme Plus" Courses, Generic Skills Training Courses and Youth Training Courses, the programme aims to equip ethnic minorities with both technical knowledge specific to a profession and transferable skills applicable across industries in their quest for gainful employment, career development and social integration.

Time to turn compassion into action at Serve-a-thon 2018

We talk of the disadvantaged, we hear about the underprivileged, but do we ever reach out to try and make a difference? Organised by HandsOn Hong Kong and supported by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the annual one-week Serve-a-thon gathers individuals and groups from schools, corporates, NGOs and the Government to roll up their sleeves and serve those living on the margins of society. The festival is running from 5 – 13 May this year and comprises volunteering sessions such as helping ethnic minority children with their homework, playing games with students with intellectual disabilities, hosting cooking class for the elderly, and hiking with our city’s refugees and asylum seekers.