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EO Club’s half-day event on equal opportunities board game and bystander training

The EO Club held an event on 11th December 2023 for members to experience the brand new board game on equal opportunities (“Age of Prosperity”) and training for sexual harassment bystanders.

The EOC speaker gave a brief introduction to the Anti-discrimination Ordinances in Hong Kong and led the board game session.  Focused on storytelling, building empathy and driving behavioural change, “Age of Prosperity” is a cooperative and mission-based board game designed to make training for employees more interesting and engaging.  Participants successfully completed eight rounds of missions with a view to enhancing the happiness of the society in the game.

Participants also gained insights from the new bystander training by the EOC’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Unit (ASHU).  Bearing witness or having knowledge of sexual harassment incidents, bystanders play an important role.  Therefore, the EOC encourages bystanders to make a difference in combating sexual harassment in the workplace and other scenarios.  The ASHU speaker shared practical tips and facilitated mutual learning by group discussion and role plays.

In the post-event survey, all respondents rated the event with top scores as “very good” or “good”.  The EO Club will take comments in consideration and continue to arrange activities in the future.

EO Club members took part in the “Age of Prosperity”, EOC’s pioneering equal opportunities board game
EO Club members took part in the “Age of Prosperity”, EOC’s pioneering equal opportunities board game
New bystander training developed by the EOC’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Unit
New bystander training developed by the EOC’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Unit


EO Club Webinar promotes understanding of invisible disabilities in the workplace

Local awareness of disability inclusion has been increasing in recent years but there is still a lack of understanding around invisible disabilities. To promote the awareness of invisible disabilities among employers and HR professionals, EO Club held a webinar titled “Supporting Persons with Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace” on 16th September 2022.

An invisible disability is any disability that is not obvious to outsiders. Examples include mental health conditions, autism and Asperger syndrome, autoimmune diseases and hearing impairments. Since invisible disabilities are not easily observed, this can lead to situations where the needs of people with invisible disabilities are being overlooked.

Our guest speakers shared their perspectives about invisible disabilities in the workplace. Ms. Teresa Li, Chief Officer (Service Development - Rehabilitation Service), The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, explained to the audience different types of invisible disabilities and discussed how employers could support employees with these conditions. Ms. Iris Lam, Associate Director (Human Resources), BCT Group, shared with us the benefits of employing people with invisible disabilities while Mr. Eddy Chan talked about his experience working in the BCT Group as a person with invisible disability. Last but not the least, Ms. Doris Tsui, Acting Head (Policy, Research and Training), Equal Opportunities Commission, gave a presentation on the Disability Discrimination Ordinance and offered advice on providing reasonable accommodation in the employment field.

In the post-event survey, over 90 percent of the respondents rated the webinar as very good or good. Respondents also expressed interest in learning more about diversity and inclusion best practices in the future.

Webinar: “Supporting Persons with Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace”


Companies shared best practices for family friendly workplaces in EO Club’s webinar

In response to an ongoing pandemic, more employers are embracing work-family balance. Family friendly initiatives are found to improve employees’ well-being, enhance their work performance and productivity and help companies build positive images. In light of this, EO Club held a webinar titled “Building and promoting a family-friendly workplace” on 22nd October 2021.

Our guest speakers shared their companies’ success stories in building a family friendly workplace. Ms. Janet Lau, Head of Human Resources and Administration of Methodist Centre, said that her organization offered flexible working hours and part-time work options to staff with family responsibilities. Additionally, Mr. Leo Chan, HR Director, Hong Kong HR Lead of Microsoft Hong Kong, offered insights into how his company used technology to enable flexible work and improve communication in remote work. Lastly, Mr. Tony Cheung, General Manager of Ultra Active Technology Limited, said that his company embraced work life balance through company policy and staff activities.

In the post-event survey, 61 percent of the respondents added that their workplaces had family friendly policies while 10 percent said their companies did not have such policies but would develop them.

Webinar: “Building and promoting a family-friendly workplace”


EO Club hosted its first-ever webinar to promote the latest amendments to the anti-discrimination ordinances and breastfeeding friendly workplace

In response to the evolving coronavirus pandemic, the EO Club held its first-ever webinar, titled “Latest Amendments on the Anti-Discrimination Ordinances & Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace”, on 21 August 2020. The virtual event drew enthusiastic responses from Club members.

During the two and a half hour webinar, Mr. Peter Reading, EOC’s Senior Legal Counsel, explained the recent legislation changes using local and foreign court cases and workplace scenarios. Mr. Reading’s informative presentation attracted many insightful and interesting questions from the audience. As breastfeeding will soon become a prohibited ground under the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, Ms. Jacy Chan and Ms. Kaeru Chan from the Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers' Association shared with the participants the obstacles they came across while breastfeeding at work and provided tips for communicating their needs effectively with employers and coworkers. Furthermore, Ms. Ip Sek Lan, a registered nurse (BN), discussed the benefits of breastfeeding while Ms. Jayla Kan from the UNICEF taught the audience how to build lactation facilities with limited resources. Dr. Ferrick Chu, Executive Director (Operations) of the EOC, also delivered his opening remarks at the webinar, highlighting the importance of recent law changes to strengthening employees’ protection from discrimination and harassment.

In the post-event survey, 52 percent of the respondents rated the webinar as very good while the rest said it was good or satisfactory. Additionally, an overwhelming 82 percent of the respondents welcomed online events in the future.

Webinar: “Latest Amendments on the Anti-Discrimination Ordinances & Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace”


EO Club Hosted Seminar on Inclusive Workplace for People with Disabilities

On 20 December 2019, the EO Club organized a seminar namely “Creating an Inclusive Workplace for People with Disabilities” for our members. Experts and practitioners in relevant fields discussed how to create a supportive and accessible work environment for people with disabilities, and answered questions raised by the audience.

Mr. Walter Tsui, who is the Co-founder of Care ER and was born with a visual impairment, shared his job search experience and career path after graduating from university; and debunked common myths about workplace accommodation. Mr. Wong Chung-bao, Professional Service Manager (Community Services) of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, identified the common obstacles faced by job seekers recovering from mental illness. Mr. Terry Wong, Project Manager of Hong Kong Blind Union (HKBU), explained the concepts and tools for web accessibility while Ms. Mandy Kwong, Social Worker of HKBU, introduced the support resources for employing people with disabilities. Dr. Ferrick Chu, Director of Policy, Research and Training of the EOC, also shared his views on the topic in his opening remarks and Q&A session. The programme, jam-packed with informative presentations, was met with an enthusiastic audience response.

Group photo of EO Club Hosted Seminar on Inclusive Workplace for People with Disabilities
L-R: Mr. Terry Wong, Dr. Ferrick Chu, Mr. Walter Tsui & Mr. Terry Wong
EO Club Hosted Seminar on Inclusive Workplace for People with Disabilities
Ms. Mandy Kwong introduced the subsidies for employing people with disabilities

The EO Club seminar is part of the EO Club's continuing effort for the members to promote diversity and equality in the workplace among employers and employees.