Equal Opportunities Commission


E-news Issue 267


Issue 267 | 15/10/2021

EOC Chairperson emphasises equal right of everyone to adequate housing

On 6 October, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR Mrs Carrie LAM released her Policy Address for 2021.One of the key focuses of the Policy Address is ensuring sustainable supply of land for housing needs, with a view to alleviating the hardship faced by families awaiting public rental housing units. Indeed, many families in Hong Kong are facing acute housing problems, living in sub-divided flats and poor conditions. The plight of the ethnic minority communities is especially difficult, due to the deep-seated cultural and racial biases, prejudices and even discrimination they encounter when looking for and renting accommodation.

EOC joins in effort to enhance career prospects of ethnic minority students

Among the policy initiatives included in the Chief Executive’s Policy Address this year is strengthening the support for ethnic minorities, with the Government taking the lead in providing ethnic minorities with more employment opportunities.

Join in the 2021 Mental Health Month campaign and support better mental health for all

On 10 October, organisations across the globe rolled out different kinds of events and activities in observance of the World Mental Health Day, an international day designated by the World Health Organization for global mental health education, awareness and policy advocacy.

2022 Children’s Rights Education Funding Scheme opens for application

Children are our future. For this reason, we should take all possible steps to protect the wellbeing of children and safeguard their rights. Indeed, like adults, children enjoy a full range of civil, political, cultural, social and economic rights. These are set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which came into force in Hong Kong in 1994, and continued to apply to Hong Kong after the establishment of the Hong Kong SAR.

Education Bureau launches one-stop website SENSE to provide information on support for students with special educational needs

The Education Bureau (EDB) launched a one-stop website SENSE (sense.edb.gov.hk) on 30 September to facilitate easy access by schools, parents and the public to the latest information and online resources on integrated education and special education for supporting students with special educational needs (SEN).