Equal Opportunities Commission


Frequently Asked Questions


No, there is no application fee for joining the scheme. It is free of charge.

You are encouraged to add description, upload photos or videos of universal design provisions at your site for the Judging Panel to consider your application.


To be eligible for the Gold Award and the Special Recognition Award, your application must include the following two items:


1. Description of facilities or services provided in the premises covering the dimensions specified in the marking scheme.

2. Supporting materials such as photos, videos, description of the design, etc. of the premises.

There is no specific file format required as long as it best showcases the features of your premises. PDF, DOC, PNG or JPG files are all accepted by the online application form. However, due to file size limit, we encourage applicants to provide a download link for photos and videos (e.g. Google Drive links, YouTube videos etc.) 


You may check the self-assessment checklist, available here. The items include a mix of barrier-free facilities and other innovative practices. Please note that if your site cannot meet the Mandatory Accessibility Provisions, you will not be eligible for the Scheme.

If your site is partially opened on or before the application deadline of 15 April 2024, you can submit an application specifically for the area that is already opened. Self-assessment and site audit will be based on the facilities and services provided in such area.

Yes, providing a portable ramp would allow wheelchair users to access the site in the application, therefore fulfilling one of the mandatory accessibility provisions.

Separate applications can be submitted based on the address of the relevant premises. There is no limit for companies/ organisations to submit applications.

Joint Application is accepted. Please provide contact information of both applicants in the application form (a primary applicant must be identified and be responsible for matters related to the application).

You are welcome to submit applications for all your branches if they meet the application criteria. Since each application is based on the address of the particular premises, each branch will require its own application.

Yes, joint application with your client, who owns or occupy the premises, can be submitted. However, a primary applicant must be identified and be responsible for matters related to the application. Random site audits will be conducted by the EOC without prior notice. If visits to the premises require prior registration, please ensure that the primary applicant is able to arrange for such request.


Each of the awarded entity will be presented with a UDAS decal and a Certificate of Recognition.


You are encouraged to display the decal at a visible location (e.g. entrance, storefront) so that public users can easily recognise.

There is no limitation as to the number of awards in each category to be given out.

Feel free to reference the examples regarding the 5 application categories here. Should your premises fall outside of the 5 categories, you are still more than welcome to sign the Universal Accessibility Pledge (UA Pledge). It is introduced for premises that are not eligible for applying for the Award at the moment to show their commitment in actualising an enabling environment and share their innovative design(s) (if any) with wider community.


If you are unsure which category your premise falls into, you can contact us via 2511 8211 or email to UDAS@eoc.org.hk.

Benefits of Universal Design:

Universal Design can be adopted at the earliest stages of the design process to allow services and environments that are accessible and usable by everyone. By incorporating Universal Design principles, the need for costly retrofits to provide barrier-free facilities can be reduced.

Ideally, the outcome of applying the principles of universal design would provide an entirely convenient environment for all users, including but not limited to persons with disability, elderly, carers, pregnant women and families with children. This allows the broadest spectrum of users to navigate your premise - potentially expanding customer base by allowing maximum access to visit your site.