Equal Opportunities Commission


Assessment Process



Assessment Process

Februrary - April 2024


Complete the checklist (please click here)

May - July 2024

Site audits:

Random site audits by the EOC

August 2024

Selection by Judging Panel:

Applications will be shortlisted based on the self-assessment and site audit results

October 2024

Award Presentation Ceremony:

Award winners will be invited to share their good practices at the Award Presentation Ceremony


Assessment Criteria

1. Self-assessment

  1. A comprehensive checklist of around 100 items will be provided. Applicants are required to check off the list based on availability of accessible facilities or services within the premises.
  2. Applicants can also describe their innovative or special design(s) and service(s) to enhance the experience of different users to showcase their good practices.
  3. Applicants are required to fill in the net floor area of the premises for the Judging Panel to consider.
  4. Applicants are highly encouraged to submit photos or videos visualising the universal design provisions in the premises for the Judging Panel to consider.
  5.  The full list can be accessed here.
2. Site Audits
Random site audits will be conducted by the EOC to verify and stock-take the Universal Design (UD) provisions in different premises. Unless visits to the premises require prior registration, random site audits will be conducted without prior notice.
Photos and videos submitted during the self-assessment process or taken during site audit may be showcased in the Award Presentation Ceremony if appropriate. Information collected during the self-assessment and site audits will be used for the purpose related to the UDAS only.

Self-assessment Checklist

Please download the checklist below.