Equal Opportunities Commission


Awards and Judging Criteria

Each of the awarded entity will be presented with a UDAS decal and a Certificate of Recognition.

  • Bronze Award: Premises with 15 to 24 UD provisions on the checklist.
  • Silver Award: Premises with at least 25 UD provisions on the checklist.
  • Gold Award: Premises with at least 45 UD provisions on the checklist and obtaining 50 marks or above in the below judging criteria.  If the marks are below 50, the Judging Panel reserves the right to grant the application with a Silver Award.
  • Special Recognition Award: Premises with excellent UD provisions and fulfilling the below judging criteria, regardless of the net floor area of the premises.


Judging Criteria:

To be eligible for the Gold Award or the Special Recognition Award, the application must include the following two items:

  • Description of facilities or services provided in the premises covering the dimensions specified in the marking scheme.
  • Supporting materials such as photos, videos, description of the design, etc. of the premises are required for the Judging Panel to consider.

Marking Scheme:

Judging Criteria


Weighting (%)

Spectrum of users

The premises provide different kinds of facilities, services and perceptible information that can cater the needs of a wide range of users.


Equitable use

The design of the premises provides the same means of use for the widest spectrum of users and avoids segregating or stigmatising any users by minimalising labelling of disability, elderly, etc.


Safety and low physical effort

The facilities in the premises can be used safely, and with low physical effort.


Overall accessibility

The overall design of the premises allows for easy access to facilities, services and information throughout different areas and floors.



The design or services of the premises are considered innovative, or in sync with accessible technology, whether in the design, architectural or information technology field, service industry or society.