Equal Opportunities Commission


Statistics on Enquiries, Complaints & Legal Assistance

Statistics on Enquiries, Complaints and Legal Assistance for the Period of 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2009


  1. Including complaints carried forward from previous years
  2. Respondent's identity cannot be ascertained or respondent's whereabouts cannot be traced.
  3. Complainant had no desire to pursue complaint after matter resolved in the course of investigation.
  4. On ground of : no unlawful act; no desire to pursue complaint (except for cases covered by Note (3) above); lapsed over 12 months; should not be a representative complaint; being frivolous, vexatious, misconceived or lacking in substance
  5. Conciliation effort made but failed to bring about settlement
  6. Cumulative figures since 20 September 1996
  7. Including one SDO case withdrawn
  8. Including 18 enquiries on sexual orientation
  9. As the EOC has implemented a new complaint management system as from 1 April 2006, please note different definitions for general enquiry before and after 1 April 2006: Before 1 April 2006, general enquiry includes all enquiries (general and OJ) handled at reception; After 1 April 2006, general enquiry includes only simple enquiries handled at reception, while all OJ enquiries are classified as Specific Enquiry.
  10. As from 1 August 2008, specific enquiries in relation to the three ordinances are renamed as "Specific enquiries (prospective complaints)" to reflect their nature and potential to become actual complaints.
  11. One application which was not granted in 2008. Upon Applicant’s request for review, the Application was granted in July 2009. It's not counted under "Applications brought forward (from previous year)" nor "Applications received in 2009" as it was a review case.
  12. Cumulative figures since 10 July 2009 when RDO came into effect.
  13. Double counted legal actions invoking more than one ordinances.